Energy & Infrastructure Attorneys in Sandton

Construction law is a branch of law that relates to the construction of buildings in South Africa. It regulates contracts for construction and describes the rights and responsibilities between the parties to it. Tumbo Scott can advise you on matters of the law that relates to construction based on your unique situation.

The skilled team at Tumbo Scott can assist you with advice and planning related to energy and infrastructure projects, across a broad range of sectors. Their experience with corporate and commercial law, including environmental and regulatory law, enables them to provide sound advice on projects related to energy, oil and gas, mining and engineering. Tumbo Scott can provide a tailored, nuanced analysis of the legalities surrounding massive infrastructure projects spanning all sectors, including bulk water and water treatment and telecommunications.

Projects of scale require an expertise to match, and the planning and due diligence required of them can span multiple sections of the law, with overlap between areas like corporate, governance, construction, BBBEE, and dispute resolution. Tumbo Scott has a multidisciplinary team capable of drawing insights from across a diverse range of backgrounds to provide you with the advice you need to make informed decisions about the future of your projects. Trusting Tumbo Scott with your project will ensure that it complies with South African law and is in line with international best practice. Their experienced team takes completing due diligence very seriously, and their uncompromising work ethic is the cornerstone of their success. The sheer number of contracts that can arise in the different phases of a project can be overwhelming.

From financing agreements to partnership agreements, the team at Tumbo Scott are familiar with the issues that need to be dealt with in the course of planning and financing big projects. Their knowledge of key industries means they are familiar with the sector specific requirements that can arise, and they are able to draft agreements with this in mind