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Meet Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo – (Profile from Investec’s Ahead of the Curve)
Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo’s deep love of law has taken her straight to the top. She is an attorney of the High Court of South Africa and co-founder of the law firm Tumbo-Scott. As a boundary-shattering pioneer in gender and colour, Deborah’s story will inspire any young professional pursuing a legal career.
Dr Tshepiso Scott in studio speaking about Dudu Myeni and other delinquent directors
Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo in conversation with Peter Ndoro ahead of SONA 2020.
Tumbo Scott New Appointment

Small businesses are the backbone of any economy. In line with the National Development Plan 2030, since inception, Tumbo Scott has been firmly committed to transforming the legal sector, in particular to help support emerging businesses in the SMME market. That is why we are exceptionally proud to announce that both of our founders have been individually appointed as experts in a national project that will see the small business sector significantly transformed through legislative reform. This project is run by the Department of Small Business Development of South Africa, in collaboration with the European Union and implemented by Palladium, PROMAN and Tutwa.

Congratulations to our managing director, Tshepiso Scott, and our executive chairwoman, Deborah Mutemwa-Tumbo, on these significant appointments!

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